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Don’t just fly, soar!

Don’t just fly, soar!

I’ve created this space for both ladies and gents, not writing as a person who is already perfected, but as a person who is most certainly not. My prayer for you when you connect here is that you would feel a sense of peace and calmness in the midst of the hurried...

Less Thinking More Resting

Less Thinking More Resting

Have you ever found on some days that you start thinking yourself right into a frenzy? Well, that was me this morning, actually, this has been me all week. My mind likes stillness but is constantly operating at warp speed. I much prefer early morning quietness and...

About Me

About Me

Lover of Jesus above all, then weight lifting, dogs, reading, trucks, and traveling adventures with family, oh and can't forget about Hallmark movies. Really, I'm just a girl whose mess God turned into her message! I'm Katie, I hope you'll join me on this wild ride of life, sharing Inspiration, Encouragement, and Hope as we journey together, taking ground for our destiny. Read More





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